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I am so excited to have you join my network of women as we embrace challenges and delights of mid-life. Remember, you are just getting started! Select the program that is right for you or get in touch to discuss how I can help you start your second act. It’s never too late to refresh, revamp or re-invent you or your life.

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Two-Day Reboot À La Carte

A Premium and Customised Coaching Program
You Design The Program.
Are you in midlife and feel you need to plug-in and reboot – reconnect with that woman that you might have left behind, forgotten or let slip down your ‘to-do’ list?
This is an intensive a-la-carte style program that is just right for you.


This program is perfect for women who want to focus on certain areas of their life…a 2-day experience of reinvention and inspiration. I travel to you and we spend 2 days working together. *Please contact me if you are interested in this program with questions regarding COVID-19 restrictions.


  • 2-day life coaching + 2 subject areas of your choice from the below: 
  • Faces– skincare, make-up, hairstyle & colour
  • Fashion – personal style & wardrobe planning 
  • Fitness – exercise plans, wellness programs & healthy food choices
  • 60min discovery call before we meet to discuss and clarify your goals for our 2-days together.
  • 4 x 60mins follow-up coaching calls to make any changes, updates and to keep you on track. 
  • The ‘Energy Leadership Assessment’, a very informative and personally powerful assessment that we will build and incorporate into our coaching program. 


Faces – Together we’ll refresh or create an easy, no-nonsense make-up routine based on your personality and lifestyle.  I will share my knowledge and product favourites, tips and easy techniques for natural, radiant, feel-good make-up.  We’ll also look at your hairstyle and colour ensuring it complements you, your face-shape, your personality and your ability to manage and maintain.  Then together we’ll go to your hair salon to discuss with your stylist our new ideas.

Fashion – Let’s revamp, reorganize and update your wardrobe.  We’ll discuss your present style, schedule, goals and self-image then work through your wardrobe to establish what clothes you have, what is missing, what needs to stay and what needs to go.  You’ll share with me your wardrobe goals and desired image.  Then, based on your body type, budget and lifestyle, we’ll create new outfits with existing clothing and go shopping together for missing or new pieces to update, add and expand your wardrobe.

Fitness – We’ll discuss your current nutrition and food choices, activity level, sleep, lifestyle & schedule.  We’ll then design a fitness program for long-term health and wellness plus a healthy eating plan for the desired goals. You’ll learn what to eat, when and how much to fuel your body and mind.  You’re going to feel healthier, fitter, more confident, energized, vibrant and alive.

Fulfilment – Together we’ll anchor your core values, your passions and your strengths.  We’ll work through any blocks or limiting beliefs, create the ‘big picture’ vision and ultimately trigger your brilliance.  I’ll be your coach and co-pilot helping you to make changes in the way you look, feel and live your life.  We’ll look at each area of your life and change what needs changing.  I will empower you to get ‘unstuck’.

Anyone can change their life if they are given the tools to do so.


  • The Customized 2-Day Weekend Reboot costs $2,597.00 paid in full at the time of booking.
  • The price does not include my accommodation & travel expenses.
  • Includes the ‘Energy Leadership Assessment’ – this has a stand-alone value of $450.00 US.

      Let’s go! – Design your REBOOT with me – à la carte!

$2,597 USD

You design the program!

Join hundreds of women in the Heidi revolution

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