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I am so excited to have you join my network of women as we embrace challenges and delights of mid-life. Remember, you are just getting started! Select the program that is right for you or get in touch to discuss how I can help you start your second act. It’s never too late to refresh, revamp or re-invent you or your life.

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Reboot & Revitalize

A 3-month MIND & BODY REBOOT EXPERIENCE for women who are ready to look and feel fabulous inside AND out.


Does This Sound Like You?

You’re a vibrant, intelligent woman feeling stuck at a ‘life crossroad’ confused about which direction to take.

You’ve been so focused on your family, career and those things that were most important and now, you’re asking yourself questions, you know something is missing, but what is it?

You know you need to prioritize your health, your nutrition, exercise and sleep. Your energy is low and those physical changes can affect your self-esteem.


Now Imagine…

You release those negative thoughts and beliefs that hold you back and your confidence skyrockets because you know that all your goals and dreams are within your reach.

You wake up feeling happy and energized now that you’re doing what you love. You’ve found your calling and it shows – you radiate joy, you feel young again and you know you have a purpose and meaning in your life.

You radiate the vitality and confidence you feel with total wellness inside and out.  Now your strong toned body and radiant skin from exercise and a nutritious diet give you the health, energy and attitude you’ve been missing and longing for! 


But… Where to Start?

Now, in those quiet moments when silence can be deafening … you’re unsure of how you feel – is it fear of the unknown? – the ‘what happens next?’

Is it the ‘not being needed’ and a loss of self-identity?

OR is it that question, the one that wakes you in the middle of the night, the one that you have avoided, dodged, hidden behind and ignored for all these years… “Who am I – really?” and “What do I want from this next phase of my life?”


How It Works:

My 3-month program is designed to show you, and all my fellow women in midlife, the exact steps to go from feeling stuck, frustrated and slightly invisible to energized, empowered and beautiful on the inside and the outside.  This is for women who need some support, a pathway to follow and a gentle push to fully embrace the amazing opportunities that lie in front of them.


Your Road to a Deeply Fulfilling New Life Inside and Out – Has 4 Phases:


  • What’s Holding You Back

Discover how your habits, patterns and trigger points are causing you to feel stress, guilt, and self-doubt so you can immediately start showing up more powerfully and confidently. Deeply connect with your personal story so far and uncover how perceptions of events and negative self-talk are influencing your life.


  • Unleash Your Desires

Release the negative beliefs and habitual thoughts that define the current stories you’re telling yourself.  This clarity will give you the confidence to identify and initiate the clear action to take knowing that anything is possible for your life. You’ll be fully loaded and ready for your new adventure. 


  • Energize Your Life

Learn to appreciate and understand what to eat, when, and how much, so you can experience the joy of feeling better in your body. Increase your aerobic activity, build your strength and improve your flexibility so that you’ll feel energetic, agile and confident with action steps focusing on commitment and consistency.


  • Refresh Your “WOW” Factor

Refresh or create an easy, everyday make-up and hair routine that suits you and your lifestyle. Create, or update, a versatile and flattering wardrobe with your current clothes, then identify any gaps and go shopping for any missing essentials. There’s a dynamic self-confidence that comes with great hair, radiant make-up and a stylish signature wardrobe that should never be underestimated.


The Program Includes:

  • The ‘Energy Leadership Assessment’ – a very informative and personally powerful assessment that we will build and incorporate into our coaching program. This has a stand-alone value of $450.00 US.
  • Weekly LIVE 60-minute group coaching calls to support you, connect with the other ladies and move you forward in your Reboot & Revitalize journey.
  • Short self-reflection exercises to complete between sessions.
  • Private 60-minute coaching session each month (3 sessions) 1:1 so that we can focus on your personal needs.
  • A personalized exercise & diet program that I will customize to your specific needs and goals.
  • Personalized wardrobe recommendations to refresh and revamp your personal style.


Working Together:

  • I will ask you to fill a general questionnaire so that I can get to know you before we begin the journey together.
  • Between session access to me via email and WhatsApp.
  • You’ll be a member of my private Reboot & Revitalize Facebook group to connect with others on a similar journey and get regular updates to keep you on track.


Your Investment:

  • $2000 paid in full OR 4 payments of $625

$2,000 USD / £1,440 GBP (approx.)

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