Barbara’s Story – Getting Your Mojo Back

December 14, 2020
Success Stories

Heidi Helped Me Get My Mojo Back

I was feeling tired, lethargic and I’d lost my energy, I knew I needed to do something. It was a feeling of depression and self-doubt.  I lost confidence to feel connected to anything…even to life.  I saw Heidi on social media and I reached out to her.  We started working together.  We started with one-to-one fitness, no one, even me, would think I could do fitness, I loved the challenge and working just with Heidi. Talking to her and knowing she passes no judgement, ever.  I began to push the self-doubt away. I really started feeling stronger.  It also gave me the confidence to buy new, figure hugging clothes, new make-up and even a new hairstyle.  Now, I feel sexy, sassy and I feel pretty good about myself.  I walk taller, I feel slimmer, I look and smile at people, I don’t try and hide anymore under baggy clothes.

So, if you’re feeling lethargic and unfit, don’t think about it, do it, reach out to Heidi.  Get your mojo back with Heidi, I promise, just do it.

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