My Premium One-to-One VIP All-Inclusive 4-Day Personalized Coaching Program.

As your Life Reboot Coach, I’ll inspire, motivate, and equip you to step onto life’s platform with energy and confidence. Together we’ll look at each area of your life and change what needs changing. I will empower you to get ‘unstuck’ to feel joyful, inspires, purposeful, fulfilled, beautiful, supported, sexy, and liberated.

I’ll be your coach, co-pilot, and cheerleader helping you to create some major changes in the way you look, feel, and live your life.

This is Heidi’s most intensive, effective and transformational coaching package. She will travel to you and you will spend 4 days working together.

“My knowledge, experience, and passion for everything Faces, Fashion, Fitness & Fulfillment led me to create my own consultancy and The Heidi Reboot.”

“Now my mission is to inspire and support you to reconnect with the person you might have left behind or the one you’d like to uncover. I look forward to meeting you on my 4-Day, All-Inclusive, Premium Program…it’s life-changing!”

Heidi wants to inspire and support vibrant, intelligent women like you, to take an inward journey of self-reflection and discovery so you can uncover what you truly want and create a vision for your life (the one you desire but haven’t yet allowed yourself to believe could be yours).

 This program is for you if you want to ‘kick-start’, refresh or reinvent yourself as you move into a new phase of your life!

Heidi offers her expertise in Life-Coaching, Health & Fitness, Hair & Make-up, Wardrobe & Personal Style… you’re getting a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ Life Reboot!

  • What would an extraordinary life look like right now?
  • What would excite you?
  • Are you willing to ask yourself some honest questions and be ready for the answers?
  • Are you ready to approach and embrace an “anything is possible” mind-set?

Heidi believes that REAL transformation happens on both the inside AND outside.

How you’re going to feel:

  • Secure in knowing that you have a confidential, non-judgmental, and authentic coach and co-pilot on your side.
  • Inspired, courageous, curious, and excited about life.
  • Recharged to set new goals and tap into your potential.
  • Energized by your new exercise routine and healthy eating plan.
  • Sassy and sexy with your new hairstyle and colour.
  • Inspired with the know-how after my make-up workshops using Heidi’s favourite products.
  • Confident with your versatile, practical, and workable new wardrobe… not forgetting a few glamorous items for those special occasions.