So here’s the truth,

I remember how frustrated, trapped and unhappy I felt in my marriage. I knew I wasn’t going to reach my potential and have the life I wanted for myself and my daughters. I decided I wanted to divorce, after several years of compromising, ignoring and numbing my emotions I made my decision and I wasn’t going to sacrifice the next 10 years and ‘sit and wait’ until my daughters left for college, to ‘sit and wait’ for my ‘happy’ .

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and my life whilst raising my daughters alone. Good grief – what a decade – 10 years of sadness and joy, anxiety and enlightenment, prayer and passion, fear and freedom – all of this, virtually every day! I look back and think how courageous (or plain irresponsible) my decision was and I now realize how challenging yet transformational this last decade has been for me. I learned, experienced and gained such personal growth during these last years. I’m the same but different now.

I feel inspired, motivated and qualified to share my experiences, knowledge, and lessons learned. Every day I help women overcome life challenges, uncover their strengths and reconnect with their purpose…my ambition is to help many more. If I can overcome fears and lack of confidence so can other women and I’m thankful each day that I’m able to help other women be the best they can be, taking on the rest of their lives as their best selves.”

Heidi is a Certified Life Coach CPC ELI-MP and an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner – accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) plus a certified Strategic Interventionist with the Tony Robbins-Madanes Training school. She is an ACE (American Council on Exercise) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer plus a Beauty and Image Consultant.

Today I work with women who are at a midlife crossroads not knowing what they want from the next phase of their life, they feel they’ve lost their self-identity and know they need to make some important and needed change to their life and style yet don’t know where to start, they somehow feel ‘stuck half way’.

Heidi’s Mission

“Let your smart, authentic, vibrant self sit centre stage in your life so you can realize your full potential and show up as the powerful, confident woman you were born to be”

Our children grow and eventually ‘fly’ and some-how we need to ‘shift gear’ but often we don’t know how. Or maybe you’re a Mom feeling overwhelmed and ‘burnt out’ in need of some TLC and a dose of ‘wow’ factor. Maybe you find yourself alone when a marriage or relationship ends and you decide it’s time for a new and improved version of you! Or perhaps you want to go back to work and need some confidence, coaching and a new closet!

Heidi works with women who are at a midlife crossroads helping them get clear on what they want from the next phase of their life. She is the ‘Midlife Motivator’ and passionate about helping women to reconnect with their mid-life mojo and move forward with clear intentions, purpose, energy, enthusiasm and self-confidence.

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