12 Customized Life Coaching Sessions (4 Months)

I want to congratulate you for making the decision to move towards the life you desire and deserve. For acknowledging your feelings with the intention to improve or change those things that are holding you back in life. For being open and ready to “re-shuffle the cards’. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this transformative journey. 

This program is customized by YOU at the beginning and/or tailored as we go! 

The Program Includes 

  • We begin with a 90-min discovery session. I get to know you and your life. Together we identify the areas you would like to change or improve.
  • The ‘Energy Leadership Assessment’ – a very informative and personally powerful assessment that we will build and incorporate into our coaching program. This has a stand-alone value of $450.00 USD.
  • We will have three 60-min one-to-one coaching sessions per month over four months in-person, by phone, or online (12 sessions total). 
  • I am available on WhatsApp and email to support you between sessions.
  • I will give you ‘homework’ at the end of each session that builds insight and accountability.

Working Together

As your Coach, I’ll listen without judgement and help you think outside the box.  I’ll help you create your vision and then work with you on ways to achieve it. I’ll be your sounding board and your cheerleader. I offer absolute confidentiality, sensitivity and care. I will help you anchor your core values,  rediscover your passions and work to your strengths. Together we will work through any blocks or limiting beliefs. I’ll be your coach and co-pilot as you create a new you!

Get ready to feel joyful, inspired, radiant, purposeful, supported, sexy and liberated. 

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Your Investment:

$3,600 USD paid in full (currency conversion will apply)

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