SheerLuxe – 8 Life Lessons with Heidi, the Life Reboot Coach

July 19, 2023

Thank you, Sheer Luxe GOLD Edition, for sharing my 8 Life Lessons and giving me the opportunity to be interviewed by your fabulous team! As a dedicated Life Reboot Coach, I extend my gratitude for the chance to connect with your wonderful readers, especially to all the amazing women over 50. Let’s raise a glass together and celebrate living our best lives, brimming with love, reinvention, and fabulousness in every aspect.

During the interview, I unveiled my transformative journey, emphasizing the importance of self-discovery in shaping the empowered Life Reboot Coach I am today. Through my program, Reboot & Revitalize, I guide women to unleash their true potential by finding their purpose, reconnecting with their self-confidence, learning to love their bodies, refreshing their personal style, and discovering a renewed passion for life!

I support my clients by providing them with a holistic, top-to-toe solution to feel confident, healthy, and beautiful as they move into the second half of their life with enthusiasm and purpose.

So, here’s to living our best lives, no matter the number of candles on our birthday cake—because age is just a number, and our journey of growth and fulfillment has just begun! Together, let’s embrace love, reinvention, and fabulousness at every step of this incredible journey!

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