Hi I’m Heidi

…the Life-Reboot Coach. 

I offer my expertise in Life-Coaching, Health and Fitness, Beauty, and Personal Style… I offer you a ‘One-Stop-Shop’ Life Reboot. By re-discovering your strengths and gaining clarity in what you want to improve or change in your life, you’ll move forward with clear goals, purpose, energy, and self-confidence.

I’m excited to announce the publication of my book

– From Frightened to FABULOUS!
Through sharing my own story and the story of others – ‘from Frightened to FABULOUS’ is a mix of personal memoire, life guide and handbook, it’s designed to support you as you move into your second act- whatever it may be. I share with you the 8 Secret Steps based on my own transformative inward journey of self-reflection over the last 10+ years.”

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Each Woman’s Story is Different

We have so much potential and sometimes we get a bit ‘lost’ as we move into the middle of our life. We need to re-group, re-connect with that woman we left behind, decide what we want for the second half of our life, find our confidence, decide if we are happy the way life is and if not have the courage to make some changes. Perhaps you want to go back to work but don’t have the self-confidence. Maybe you’re nest is empty and the void is deafening. Perhaps you’re divorced or lost your partner and the reality of being alone, dating and socialising as a ‘one’ is very scary. Maybe you’re just wondering “I’m halfway…now what?” The reality is we feel stuck at a crossroads feeling scared by the void called our ’Second Act’ as it beckons us on ‘stage’.

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Success Stories

Betty New Jersey USA

Heidi has been an inspiration to me for about two years now! Since my divorce, I have been yearning to create an amazing new life. Heidi helped me change my mindset, get fit and healthy. We updated my look; wardrobe, hair and makeup. Even my dating profile photos! Heidi is just so amazing at all of these – she has inspired me to “up my game” and therefore my confidence!

Dawn Nice France

I needed help in several areas of my life. I had lost my self-confidence, I was bored, my energy was low and I wanted to refresh the way I looked. I knew I needed a reboot. Heidi came highly recommended by several of my friends. Her energy, enthusiasm, compassion and patience was so contagious plus her care, instruction and sensibilities soon had me looking and feeling like a new woman. Thank you Heidi

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