Healthy Living is Happy Living

December 7, 2020

Step into the body and life you desire. Here are your ABC’s

A.  Balanced Healthy Diet, 
B.  Regular Exercise, 
C.  Sleep
Taking care of your body is really very easy = nutrition, exercise and sleep.
Do you feel sluggish with no or low energy?
Not motivated?… why bother? I hear you say…

Be smart, be kind to your body… once you start working out and exercising regularly it will improve all areas of your life – your marriage, relationships with friends even your parenting skills… you’ll feel better about yourself by improving your self-esteem.
We, women, need to do weight-bearing exercise and resistance training, this is really really important to know. 
I’ve always exercised with weights and swear by it. 
Our metabolism naturally slows down as we age and that’s what you’re fighting against SO here are your choices;

  1. go up a dress size each year as your weight sneaks up slowly.
  2. reduce and limit what you eat until you are eating a few lettuce leaves every day

The style of workout I do myself and teach my clients is circuit training.  This is super effective as it combines aerobic exercise with a weight workout.  We keep moving between exercise stations for at least a 45minute each session.  We are burning fat and building muscle mass all in one workout…bingo!
You must mix regular aerobic exercise with weight & resistance training this will increase your metabolism, add strength round your joints, replace fat with muscle, you will feel strong & agile and ultimately unveil muscle tone and shape on your body!!… it’s a bit of a no brainer really!  
Your energy levels are going to shoot through the roof – anyone who knows me will confirm my annoyingly high levels of energy and also that feeling of accomplishment and self-discipline which is great.
Exercise has a positive influence on all the other things in your life too and it’s one thing that’s tangible, controllable and will improve your mood.

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