Don’t Get Too Comfortable.

November 23, 2020

DON’T GET TOO COMFORTABLE or God forbid, complacent, because life will just come along and ‘shake it up’.   

Change is inevitable so expect it to come.

We’re ALL in some state of transition at all times, it can be scary, daunting and to be honest often debilitating.  How many stages of transition can you relate to from the list below?  

From 16yrs to 65yrs:  


* I just graduated from high school scared about choosing the right college.
* I just graduated from college, I can’t find my passion nor a job. 
* I just got married and am anxious about the adjustments and compromise.
* I just had a baby, left my law career and don’t know who I am anymore.
* I want to get back to work and realise I don’t have the self-confidence.
* I want to change careers, scared It’s too late.
* I’ve got 20 good years left, better crack on.
* My mother just died.
* I just got divorced.
* My parents are aging.
* I’ve just retired and lost my identity.

We fear change because it asks us to LET GO and we’re not good at that. We hold on to the past even when it’s hurting us. We get stuck in the fear and suddenly we find our identity in the pain.  Stepping away from the security of the familiar into the unknown is our greatest challenge.

I remember when I made the decision to divorce, the transition I went through and reality of that choice was so incredibly challenging.  On the other side of my divorce was the stark reality of my decision, good and bad.
GRAB that sliding door moment, that opportunity, that decision that could alter your destiny. It will feel totally uncomfortable but, the best things happen outside of our comfort zone.  Playing safe is instinctive and totally normal.  We have to take a chance and choose something new, Don’t play safe, sticking to what you know.
What are some key decisions you wished you had made a year ago that could have enabled you to shift your life to where you truly want it to be?  I am frustrated because the goals I made a year ago are not in place…2020 through us all a loop! Are you feeling the same? – let’s be honest 2020 has been beyond challenging for us all.  Could this be the time now to make that sliding door moment happen?  I want to believe it’s now for us all.

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