Get Back On Your Bike

November 23, 2020

GET BACK ON YOUR BIKE … remember? … just start pedaling!
Why do we ‘park’ our passions and the very things we love to do?  We either lean them up against the wall in the corner of the ‘garage’ or hang them from a well-positioned rack from the ceiling… it’s time to unhook, dust off, oil-up that ‘bike’ that freedom to fly, that speedster to fun, frivolity and the future!  Jump back in the saddle, reconnect with who you truly are and the things that light you up and set your soul on fire!

‘We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing’ George Bernard Shaw

I remember summers as a 9 year old, playing on bikes with my sister Lisa, my neighbour Sarah and my younger sister Wendy who was 5… we had this steep path in our garden (well… ok, it felt steep to me at 9) we used to line ourselves up, one behind the other, my little sister Wendy had one of those 3 wheelers with the foot pedals on the front wheel, she just lifted her feet and went down as fast as she could knowing we were all coming after her at top speed! … there were bushes, trees and a swimming pool at the bottom so the fear of not being able to stop and hitting a tree, landing in the stinging nettles or flying head first into cold water (remember I grew up in England, summer was usually on a Thursday in August!) kept us giggling with fear, motivated by the unknown and elated by our survival – we did it over and over again. Our clothes got dirty and our knees grazed and bloody after a few collisions and the occasional wipeout on the way down, but it was all day, we only reluctantly parked our bikes when we heard our final call “it’s going cold” request to say that dinner was ready.

Life can be like ‘riding a bike’ – we start off in childhood with the ‘let’s play’ attitude, with our imagination as the road map –  joy and freedom power our feet on the ‘pedals’ and we’re open to all and any possibilities. 
Soon real life pressures take over, we naturally prioritise, we shift our focus and suddenly we find ourselves in the middle of our life, at the crossroads with our ‘2nd Act’ begging us on stage.
As your coach, I will help you get out of your head and back into your heart where we’ll reconnect with ideas, get creative, tap into and uncover what brings you joy and excites you –  there we’ll find your path…signposted ‘Your Purpose’.  
We’re going to make a list of all the things you love to do and are good at, then we’ll connect the dots… their lies your ‘2nd Act.

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