Betty Success Story – Self Confidence

December 14, 2020
Success Stories

Heidi Helped Me Build My Self Confidence

I was feeling low, my self-confidence had slipped and I needed to lift myself back up.  Who better to help me other than Heidi…I wanted to be like Heidi.  She became my fitness coach, I’m in New Jersey, she is in France, so we worked together online.  She held me accountable.  She kept me fit throughout the lockdown, in fact I lost 15 pounds. She encouraged me to stay on top of my game, hold onto my feminine and not let myself go.  Also to mentally feel good about where I am and where I’m going, she made me feel good and lifted my confidence.  I really enjoyed working with her – all the fitness, the styling tips and tricks.  She has a great personality and she cares.  I started dating again and felt really good physically, mentally and spiritually. I felt put-together and confident to go out there and meet the man of my dreams.

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