Self Doubt is Our Enemy

November 23, 2020

SELF-DOUBT is our enemy!

I’m often riddled with self-doubt… it’s something that REALLY frustrates me.  It holds me back when I know I should take a giant leap forward.

Self-doubt is directly related to our self-confidence.  The crazy thing is that even when I know I am able to do something and am good at whatever that thing is, I still feel self-doubt.  No-one looking in would know, but hey, apprehension and nervousness are a sign that you care and want to succeed which is important and authentic.

“Why me?” I ask … “Why the heck NOT you!” … the universe replies.
We have to remember we’re all a work in progress… we aren’t going to magically wake up one morning and say YUP!! I’ve got this! 

We need to challenge ourselves to grow.  It’s also very important we create emotional boundaries relating to our personal beliefs and values
Self-doubt and fear go hand in hand and they can annihilate our self-confidence.
We doubt if we’re good enough, capable enough, smart enough.  We doubt if we’ll succeed, we doubt if we’re worthy, we even doubt if we DESERVE it!!
We just need to move forward, take a step and have faith – just having faith makes you appreciate that there is doubt and that’s ok. 
Trust yourself, trust your abilities, trust you can do it and that you’ll figure it out. 
Self-doubt stops us from taking risks it’s our protection from failure. When we think we might be criticized, self-doubt kicks in to keep us from taking action.
We all know that we can’t get rid of our fears so… enter COURAGE on a handsome white horse!!
Courage is just having belief in YOURSELF!!
Be kind to yourself – tell yourself you CAN do this and you DO belong here.
Know that success is progressive and the knowledge you gain through DOING will give you the competence and know-how which will feed your confidence!.
We want to be liked, we try to please others and we give too much importance to other people’s opinions.
Know what you want, know your path and just DO IT – persistently, consistently and with a generous spirit!


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